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Contemporary Original Ink Paintings called Sumi-e

Brush Paintings currently offered for purchase. Media: Sumi Ink and Japanese watercolor. Please email me, if you are interested in a painting. If art is available, the PayPal purchase button will be added under the piece you are interested in purchasing. Please check in often because I will frequently update the Art Gallery pages with new paintings. Purchase Information and Policy

Original paintings sold through the secure service PayPal

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Summer - SOLD! In the collection of Bill Wells - Beijing, China

" When the wild flower
burst into full blossom
a skylark sang"
- Issa

Orchid Tea Image 6 x 6 Price: Sold

"Like Art, Tea has it's seasons and it's schools"
- Okakura Kakuzo
Not for Sale

Orchid Yellow - SOLD! In the collection of Alberto Ossa-Los Angeles, CA

" True obedience:
silently the flowers speak
to the inner ear"
- Onitsura

SOLD - In the collection of Phil Nivatpumin, Baltimore, MD

"Such a moon--even the thief pauses to sing."
- Buson
SOLD                                                                   ____________

Bell Light-Image 6 x 6 Price: $350

" O Great Buddha,
your lap must be filling with
these flowers of snow"
- Kikaku
This is a special * Framed Gem *

Spirit Wind-Image 6 x 6 Price: $350

" O autumn winds,
tell me where I'm bound, to which
particular hell"
- Issa

" To learn how to die
watch cherry blossoms, observe
- Anonymous

Red Moon Over Bamboo-Image 6 x 6 Price: $350

"This bright harvest moon
keeps me walking all night long
around the little pond."
- Basho
$50 Currently not framed

Pot Flower Image 8 x 8 Price: $350

" So very still, even
cherry blossoms are not stirred
by the temple bell"
- Fuhaku
This is a special * Framed Gem *

Tree Blowing Petals-Image 4.5 x 9

"O leaves, ask the breeze
Which of you will scatter first
From the verdant trees."
- Natsume Soseki
$100 - Currently Unframed.

Ivy Rust Image 7 x 9

Ivy Rust

" A weathered skeleton
in windy fields of memory,
piercing like a knife"
0 Basho
$100 - Currently Unframed

Fine Art Prints available at my ZazzleGallery
Fine Art Reproductions available at

Custom Japanese Rice Board Brush Painting 5.5 x 18 Price: $595 + Shipping

Photo: Courtesy Don Judd
Painting: In Collection of Judith Judd - Santa Barbara, CA

This is an example of a custom order brush painting created on a gold edged traditional Japanese Rice Paper Board called shiki-shi. The board is floated on a deep red matte and has a gold ribbon on the top. It is framed in a beautiful custom black wood frame.

This is a great gift that can be commissioned to give as a commemorative for a wedding/anniversary/birthday.

The custom order painted rice board is also available unframed. Please contact by e-mail for price and sizes.
Please e-mail me before purchasing a custom piece.

Check Purchase Page for Shipping and Handling Policies

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