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Stroke Recovery Art Gallery

As I stated in my artist biography, drawing saved my life. The following drawings were made about four years into my stroke recovery using my non-dominant left hand. I was using my drawings as a means to enhance my self-esteem and sense of well being. At this time, I combined my drawing with inspirational sayings that I liked and that meant something to me, providing me with what I call 'Aha Moments'. This activity also provided a way for me to practice writing and printing. I have literally hundreds of stroke recovery drawings. The drawings presented here are just a small sample. They are displayed in a slightly large size so that the writing is viewable. I have also printed the text under each one.
Click on Drwaings to view some of my pre-stroke artwork.
Click on Victory over Stroke to read about my amazing journey of healing through art and the creative process. Visit my Portfolio of  Galleries and view my current and elegant Sumi-e paintings.

I will gradually add drawings to this Recovery Art Gallery. I hope you enjoy seeing these drawings and will check back to see the new additions.

Media: Pen and Marker

After several requests for prints from people, I have finally made some prints and cards available for purchase. You can get prints of various sizes and in various ways at this site. Cards are also available. You can even mat and frame your print right on the site. Go HERE to the Healing Art Gallery.


Life works when you choose what you got.
- Werner Erhard


Unhappiness is caused
by Comparison
- Author Unknown


"Happiness is a Function of
Accepting What Is"
by Werner Erhard


It's Much Easier to ride
the Horse
in the Direction he's Going
- Werner Erhard


"A Mind is like a Parachute,
It doesn't work unless it's Open"
 - Author Unknown


"Here is a Test to find whether your Mission on Earth is finished: If you are Alive it Isn't"  
- R. Bach


You teach best
what you most need to learn
- R. Bach


You don't have to go looking for Love,
When it is where you come from
- R Bach


There is no way of knowing
without experiencing
- Casey Shannon


"Love is always now. Even the memory of a love long past is now. An old love never dies, It just exists in a quieter place"
- Author Unknown

A few prints of this Healing Art are offered for purchase Here

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