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Contemporary Original Sumi-e by Carmel Artist Casey Shannon

Brush Paintings currently offered for purchase. Media: Sumi Ink and Japanese watercolor. Please email me, if you are interested in a painting. If art is available, the PayPal purchase button will be added under the piece you are interested in purchasing. Please check in often because I will frequently update the Art Gallery pages with new paintings. Purchase Information and Policy

Original paintings sold by the secure service PayPal

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Bamboo Leaving Image 4.5 x 9

Not in the poet is the poem or
even the poetry. It is hiding behind
a broken wall or a geranium
or walking around pretending to be blind
seeking a home it cannot find.
- Manu Bazzano
$100 - Currently Unframed

Rain Bamboo Image 9 x 12

The rain is over:
South Mountain puffs out
Spring clouds.
- Soseki
$200 - Currently not Framed

Persimmon with Branches - Bamboo Frame

Juicy ripe
Branch of persimmon
Gently live
- Casey
This is a *Framed Gem

Dancing Among Nature Image 6 x 6 Price: $250

Butterfly in my hand-
As if it were a spirit,
Unearthly, insubstantial.
-Yosa Buson
$100 Currently not framed

Cherry Blossoms Longing Image 4 x 7

With the cherry blossoms gone,
The temple is glimpsed,
Through twigs and branches.
- Yosa Buson
$100 - Currently not Framed

Treasure House NOT FOR SALE - In the collection of the artist

Not for Sale
Your Treasure House
is in yourself,
it contains all you need.
- Hui Hai

Blue Buds SOLD! In the collection of Jason Wadler - Evanston, IL

Flower blossoms are quiet
unlike frogs leaping
to every raindrop
- Reisen No Tsuki


Persimmon Lost Image 4 x 8

A basket of grass,
And no one there -
Mountains of spring.
- Shiki
$100 - Currently not Framed

Circle Two Image 6 x 6

Ice and water,
Their differences resolved,
Are friends again.
- Teishitsu
$100 - Currently not Framed

Lavender Rock Image 6 x 6

Dragonfly on a rock-
absorbed in
a daydream
- Santoka Taneda
This is a special *Framed Gem*

Silver Autumn Image 6 x 6

The grasses and trees
Change their colours:
But to wave-blooms
On the broad sea plain
There comes no autumn.
- Yasuhide
$100 - Currently not Framed

Moment Image 4 x 7

A moment is to a day,
as a day is to a lifetime.
- Japanese Proverb
$125 - Currently not Framed

Basho's Pond Image 8 x 8 Price: $350 Includes Shipping

The first morning of spring:
I feel like
someone else
*Special Framed Gem*
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