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Gallery Journey into Art

Welcome to this special gallery of my sumi-e paintings. This gallery was inspired by the journey into art that I take as I create my sumi-e. In creating sumi-e, the artist must 'become one' with the painting as you discover your subject's spirit. You are totally in the moment. You have no time to think about the future, what you'll do next, what's expected of you, or your personal worries about the outcome. You are present 'now'. Sumi-e painting is a total submergence into the act of the creative process tapping into your heart and soul. The mind is present. The paintings represented here are a result of my feeling of a total journey into art. The red oval artist seal or chop that you see on many of the paintings in this gallery translates into 'Journey into Art'. These are my meditation and I humbly offer them to you here to enjoy.

Original Contemporary Sumi-e by Carmel Artist Casey Shannon

Brush Paintings currently offered for purchase. Media: Sumi Ink and Japanese watercolor. Please email me, if you are interested in a painting. If art is available, the PayPal purchase button will be added under the piece you are interested in purchasing. Please check in often because I will frequently update the Art Gallery pages with new paintings. Purchase Information and Policy

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Image 7 x 10

Branches of Oak
This is a special  *Framed Gem*

Image 2 x 4

One Pelican Waiting
$75 - Currently not Framed

Image 7 x 10

Leaves of Carmel

Image 8 x 8

Carmel Valley Pollen Dance

Image 8 x 8

Robin Contemplating a Song
This image was inspired by the lovely colors of Autumn.
Painted for October
Inspired by all the little Robins dancing and playing near my home

This is a special * Framed Gem *

Some Images are available as Fine Art Reproductions

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Go to Fine Art America for Giclee Reproductions and cards.

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